Nice things people are saying...

"I love how Polly captured my personality and created exceptional value from a small-scale, limited budget outdoors shoot. Polly has a wonderful warm manner which puts you at ease at once and allows her to get straight to work. Polly's location choices fit the brief spot on and she made the most out of the light, textures and moods of the urban landscape. I'm looking forward to working with Polly again." - HELI

"Polly is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing person, and I am very grateful to her for taking great pictures of me in a recent photoshoot. I was nervous and shy at first, but she made me feel relaxed the entire way through. Her warmth helped me be myself during the shoot, and her photos really captured and portrayed my personality in a genuine way. I cannot recommend Polly highly enough." - ASH

"If you're thinking about booking Polly, then you need to stop thinking and start booking. Dang! She is one of the best photographers and coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. If you're looking for a talented, passionate photographer who also happens to be rock solid in terms of reliability and cool in terms of how personable she is, then you, my friend, need to look no further." - SASKIA

Polly's sense of humour, enthusiasm, and obvious expertise put me completely at ease for my brand photoshoot, and I am so pleased with the results. I would highly recommend her to any business that wants great quality, genuine photos without the awkwardness of typical corporate photography. 10/10 - thanks, Polly!" - JESSICA

"Polly and I worked together to devise and shoot a collection of images for a feature for a magazine in the US - she was full of ideas, fun and a breeze to work with. Her shooting style is with minimal fuss and equipment, almost fly on the wall so not intrusive in the least. She worked fast - two locations on the same day - and a package of images delivered within a week." - VANESSA

"As a group we were all reluctant to be in front of the camera, and when the day came for our shoot most of us were prepared for it to be an uncomfortable experience. We were very wrong. From the moment we met up, Polly managed to fit in with the team and made everyone feel comfortable. Before long we were all laughing and chatting and when the time came for our individual shoots it was great fun. Iâ’m pretty sure that Polly’s personality and charm is partly responsible for her impressive results. She is instantly likeable, the kind of fun person you want to be around and able not only to take a fabulous portrait but one that really captures your personality and sparkle. We have and will continue to use Polly for various photography projects and the team now see her as an extended part of the family. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to capture themselves and their brand perfectly." - DEBORAH

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