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My Very First iPhone To iPhone Virtual Branding Photoshoot!

Updated: Jan 4

These are exciting times embracing new technology in a socially distanced world during the 2020 Pandemic... I've been a bit slow to join in the remote photoshoot revolution (if there is one!) AKA FaceTime photoshoot, as I didn't have an iPhone, and for this type of photoshoot both myself, and my client need one. Finally with an iPhone in my hands, and a willing participant, my very talented artist friend, Laura Roycroft from Home is Where the ART is, it was time to dive in.

I must admit I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to get the kind of shots I wanted by not being in the room, but Laura took direction really well, contributed with ideas, and moved me (a disembodied voice in a handset) around her studio at my command. There was a little bit of "left a bit", and plenty of "and now we're laughing!", but the time went by productively, and I have to say I am super happy with the results, as was Laura.

The great news was that I didn't have to compromise my shooting style, sure I had to make compromises, but Laura was happy to move me (AKA her iPhone) around, while I lay on my sofa eating grapes and hitting the shutter button!

So how does it work? Easy - we both have iPhones, I send you a checklist to make sure you are all set for the photoshoot, not the day I send you a link to a virtual "room" that gives me full remote control of your camera. I boss you about a bit to get the best results haha! And, the photos get uploaded to a cloud, where I can then go through them, select the best, and lightly retouch them.

You should know that the photo's technical quality is only as good as YOUR camera. I can work my magic in terms of light, colour correction and the removal of minor blemishes, but everything hangs on how good the camera is on your iPhone. The quality is however great, although not quite AS high res as the Fujifilm cameras I shoot with in person. But the pictures are awesome for social media, website, profile pictures, and even good enough to be printed.

If you'd like a personal brand photoshoot remotely anywhere in the world get in touch and let's plot: hello@pollyrusyn.com

More info about the Virtual package is HERE.

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