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How Brand Photo Co Was Born...

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Once upon a time there was a freelance photographer... Yes that photographer is yours truly, Polly Rusyn! But I wasn't always a photographer...

My first career was in graphic design, which I quit because I got the travel bug, and I ended up travelling around the world backpacking for eight months, which extended to another 5 years of tour leading for an adventure travel company, Explore. Life on the road eventually came to a stop, not because I didn't love it but because I needed a pillow to call my own! I got an office job in the travel industry and worked my way up during which time photography became a hobby, which after a trip to Papua New Guinea became an obsession, and you can see the photos here.

I ended up walking out of a brand new job I'd started, realising I'd made the wrong move, which turned out to be the right move, because I walked out with the dream of becoming a photographer. It took a little trial and error before I found what kind of photography I was really passionate about - and that is photography that involves people and stories. I was also super lucky to meet the wonderful Saskia Nelson of Hey Saturday who gave me a chance, and still gives me freelance work. I also take on other freelance gigs for exciting projects outside of my branding photography work. As long as it excites me, and I have time in my schedule I'm in! I firmly believe in only doing work I love, as that will always shine through in the end result.

So today, part of my photography life is shooting personal brand photography for clients, and part of it is running street photography workshops both in London at Street Club, and in European cities at The Photo Weekender. Candid street photography, in my opinion, is the best training for problem solving and fine tuning your skills in photography - when you literally cannot control the environment you are photographing, and have to come up with creative frames or interesting angles or great compositions to capture interesting moments, you have to be sharp and focussed. Being a street photographer has really made a difference to my client work.

Until recently my commercial work was a section on my personal website: pollyrusyn.com which also included my street photography portfolio, along with links to my workshops. With time on my hands, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, I created a new brand for my client work and have called if Brand Photo Co, and here you are reading about it - and while I link the two parts of my photographic life it makes great sense they exist as separate entities too. And I love that I can really showcase the photoshoots I do.

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