How does social distancing work during the photoshoot?

With safety a priority I will be wearing a face covering throughout the photoshoot unless I am 2 metres away in which case I may remove it so you can hear me speaking! You will need to have one with you too so that I can step in a bit closer to be able to show you some of the shots at arms length at the start of the shoot to check we are on the right lines. Please also have hand sanitiser with you! All shoots will be outdoors - if you have an indoor location in mind please get in touch and we'll do a risk assessment.

Other Burning Questions...

How many people can have a photoshoot?

That depends on the session you book. Take a look at the Head Hunter package, which is designed for small groups of people or have a chat with us about the Big Deal, in case you are an awesome twosome or work with a small perfectly formed team.

Is it okay for a partner or friend to accompany me on the photoshoot?

Yes of course, if you need assistance or for moral support. Usually it's better to work 1:1 as you won't have to feel self conscious that your partner or friend are watching. Just give me the heads up in advance if you are bringing someone. But please let your plus one know that they can’t take any photos during the session nor take part in the photoshoot.

How long is the photoshoot?

The sessions are from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on which you choose. You can also upgrade to add on extra time.

What time does the photoshoot start?

At a mutually convenient time agreed in advance. Except for the Sharp Shooter mini package, which is on set dates and you choose your time slots on the booking form.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

Outdoors or on location in London, we'll agree the exact spot when you book. Please understand that the street is our studio unless we are coming to your workshop or office.

What if it rains?

We will keep an eye on the weather and if it's looking dodgy we'll reschedule the day before free of charge. If we get caught in the rain on the day, we'll have to improvise and find sheltered spots!

Do you provide hair and make-up services?

No, but you can book that for yourself beforehand if you wish. But styling your hair and doing your make-up as you normally do it is totally cool.

What should I wear?

Anything that is comfortable, well fitting, and makes you feel good. Bold colours are great as you can see from our portfolio! We recommend against solid white or black, unless that is part of your unique style.

Can I get changed during the photoshoot?

Absolutely, there are public toilets that you will be able to change in, or alternatively you can bring accessories or different coats to change your look quickly and easily. Please understand that the time it takes you to change is within the booked time slot for the shoot.

How soon will I get the photos after the photoshoot?

No longer than two weeks (unless I advise you otherwise before you book), usually much much sooner. 

How many photos will I have to choose from?

You will be able to review a curated selection, the number will depend on how many great shots we got in the particular session. All will be edited according to our signature style (as seen throughout this website) and lightly retouched.

Can I buy extras?

Yes, of course! Additional photos are £15 per digital file, or 5 extras for £50 - bargain! You can select them in your private gallery and then we sort out the transfer and you will be able to download everything all together.

Who owns the copyright of the images?

Brand Photo Co retains all copyright of the images and may use them on the website and social media to promote the biz. I will never use them for “commercial use”, such as using your face to sell cat food, without your permission! You will have license to use the photos for personal use such as on your website, social media etc, but you are also restricted from using them for “commercial use” or altering them in any way, without prior agreement.

Can I have the RAW files?

Nope, sorry. RAW files are the "ingredients" files - they contain all the digital information needed to create the final images, however they are not the finished product; and how they are edited and retouched is part of my artistic identity, and I'm very proud of the “look” of my photos, and have my name attached to! You will have access to both high and low resolution digital JPEG files.

How do I book?

Just choose the session that suits you best, and complete the booking form, which will also ask you a few questions to find out more about you, and ask you to upload a snap of yourself. After we receive your booking form we'll email you with an invoice to sort out payment and once that is done we are good to go!

What if I have more questions?

Drop me a line via the contact page if you have any other questions at all. But if you are ready to go for it - hit the button below. Let's do this thing!

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